Lara Brennan
I have recently passed my driving test thanks to Nawaz Butt.

I had already had driving lessons previously, however it had been a few months since i had last drove. I did an intensive driving course of 20 hours over 5 days. Over the 5 days Nawaz helped me a lot to improve my driving so it was at test standard and kept very patient while doing so. Thanks to him i passed!

Just a quick not to say how please i was with Nawaz as my driving instructor.

When i decided to take my driving lessons i shopped around for a while , but something about the LDC system that caught my attention. It is brilliant.

From the first day Nawaz was very helpful , very understanding and courteous. I know i wasn't the easiest student but Nawaz was always a calming influence and because of that i always looked forward to the lessons.

Together we worked hard on my weaknesses and he complimented on my strengths ( which is always nice to hear ).

It took a while for everything to fall into place but when it did i can see why the LDC program works.

I'm glad i choose LDC and Nawaz in particular.

Thanks again Nawaz you've been great to work with.

Pavan Sadhu
“Very smooth and safe”…that was the appreciation received from the DVSA examiner on successfully completion of my driving practical test with just 3 minors!

This success is dedicated to Nawaz – my instructor – who trained and encouraged me throughout the 2-months training period.

Nawaz is very good in customizing the teaching method to student’s capabilities, needs and timelines. His observations, timely feedback, and specific tips for improvement are awesome!

Nawaz is very dependable and flexible to stretch his day to support the class schedules matching to my hectic work days!!!

I will like to take this opportunity to thank Nawaz for his brilliant skills in how he taught me to become a good driver, not only to pass my theory and driving practical tests. He prepare me to be ready to drive on the road independently after passing my driving practical test. Nawaz taught me all the necessary basic skills and knowledge to past my Theory test and driving practical test on my first attempts. Last month (11th November 2016) i past my Theory test on my first attempt. today (12th December 2016) I past my driving test on my first attempt too, with only four (4) minors. Nawaz teaching comes with lot of fun. I have never been bored with his teaching and company in the car. He always makes my driving practice with him very interesting and enjoyable during the twenty (20) hours lessons that i booked with him. He is very honest with me in all his assessments during driving practices and he gave me good advice too.

I will highly recommend Nawaz to any first time learner who want to pass his/her driving practical test.

Mohammad AmineMohammad Amine
On a rainy Friday, I passed my extended driving test. The question is, how did I get there?

I booked myself with LDC on a 15 hours course. Within a week, I received a DVD and guide book explaining how they operate. The biggest gift of all is meeting Mr Nawaz Butt. He is a great teacher, mentor and a friend. His recipe for success consists of persistence, patience, professionalism, repetition and positive energy. That's exactly what a student needs to succeed.

From lesson 1, it was clear that the programme was centred around the student approach. Each lesson I would write what I would like to work on and improve and Mr Nawaz would happily work through the lesson with a smile and ask me if I was now confident or if I needed more practice. Learning with LDC you don't just drive and hope for the best on the test day. With LDC you learn the method of driving and increase your confidence day y day.

Am glad that I had Mr Nawaz as my driving instructor and wish him and his family all the best in the future.

Ameen Khan
I just want to say a enormous thanks to Nawaz butt whom helped me pass my driving test with only a few minors. He couldn't of made it easier, he kept patient with me and gave me great advice. I now feel safe and confident to drive on the road. He was very informative on manoeuvres I wasn't sure about and gave me excellent examples on how to remember to do them correctly. If you plan on passing the easy way I would highly recommend Nawaz Butt (LDC) driving instructor. Once again a big thank you

I would be delighted to recommend LDC driving to anyone thinking of taking an intensive course. I did 15 hours with Nawaz Butt and passed my test. Nawaz was very supportive and patient throughout, offering encouragement to achieve the desired result and providing helpful tips." "Thanks again".

Kim Rolls - Bloxwich
I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping me to pass my driving test.

You made learning how to drive and be in a car lots of fun. Your attitude towards me and instructing style managed to keep me calm and put me at ease throughout; something no other instructor has managed previously. This enabled me to be relaxed and confident to be able to perform to the best of my ability during my test.

I would not have been successful in my test without all of your hard work, advice and patience, therefore I cannot thank you enough for helping me with this achievement.

In the future I shall be recommending you thoroughly to my friends and peers who also need help with their driving as I couldn't have wished for a better instructor than yourself.

Thanks again and all the best in the future.

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